Twin Maple Industrial Tanks has been supplying liquid storage tanks to Western Canada and North West Washington for many years.

The company began distributing tanks in the early 90’s to meet a growing demand for alternate water collection in an environmentally safe manner. The versatility of the Polyethylene tanks has made them popular for a variety of liquid storage applications such as for chemicals, fertilizers, road de-icer and of course potable water.

Twin Maple Industrial Tanks is currently working in conjunction with a number of reputable manufacturers such as Norwesco Inc., to meet the growing demand for storage tanks of various shapes, sizes and applications.

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff, with their many years of experience, is able to assist our customers with their project needs.

Our site application experience includes such projects as supplying tanks for community water systems, cottage water collection, brewery and wine production, farm and industrial liquid storage, city and municipal applications, storage of road de-icer solution, in-ground septic systems and for the transportation of liquids.

As the demand in the marketplace grows, our goal is to continue to provide excellent service and product to our customers.