Lush Greens AND Money Savings

With winter going so strong in parts of our country, it’s hard to think that picturesque backyard parties and barbecues are a short time away; but it will happen sooner than we believe.

Last year, many people followed the Stage 1, 2, and 3 water restrictions that were in effect. This helped protect reservoirs, so more of the population has access to water, but caused dryer outside neighborhood conditions. Some, however, still enjoyed soft green lawns, full blossoming plants, and huge sweet fruits of our labour.

An average 1000 sqft household roof, can collect 550 Gallons of rainwater; which is enough to keep to your garden happy and hydrated from March through October!

The average Low-Flow toilet will cost approximately $0.07/flush; for a family of 5, that could add up to more than $41.45 EVERY MONTH just in toilet use.

By helping to collect and store the water when it’s available with a minimal impact on the environment, helps ensure everyone, including your lawn and garden, has enough, and keeps more money in your pocket.

Twin Maple Industrial Tanks supplies Rainwater Collection setups year round; including all the fittings, valves, filters, and connectors needed to maximize the collection and use, of your specific household system.


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